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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Elizabeth Chandler is a pseudonym for Mary Claire Kissed by an Angel - Kindle edition by Elizabeth Chandler. Download. Read "Kissed by an Angel Kissed by an Angel; The Power of Love; Soulmates" by Elizabeth Chandler available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5. Kissed By an Angel Book 1 by Elizabeth Chandler - The unbreakable bonds of love are put to the test in this romantic and suspenseful collection of the New York.

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Kissed By An Angel Ebook

Kissed By an Angel Collector's Edition by Elizabeth Chandler - An angelic romantic suspense trilogy in one volume! "Kissed by an Angel": Ivy and Tristan have. Ivy and Tristan are meant to be together. Both stunningly attractive, brilliantly talented and very much in love, they think their happiness will last forever. When a. Kissed by an Angel Saved Kissed by an Angel (Series). Elizabeth Chandler Author Claudia Max Translator (). cover image of Evercrossed.

Any references to historical events, real people, or real places are used ctitiously. Other names, characters, places, and events are products of the authors imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The text of this book was set in Versailles. If only he had struck Ivythat was Gregorys rst thought. Emerging from an exhausted darkness, he recalled with pleasure the scene at the beach: a cocky lifeguard scanning the sea for someone to save, suddenly struck down by lightninghis lightning. Forced to leave Beth suddenly, Gregory had seethed with anger, and his demonic fury had been glorious, an electric show of deadly might. Still, the lightning event had ended too quickly. Elizabeth Chandler Hovering over the lifeguard, staring down at the pattern of a metal chain and cross burned into his victims chest, Gregory had realized that death itself was rather dull. The dying was the interesting part. The scent of fear in the victim and the horror in those who looked on, these were the kinds of things that could ease his hellish pain. Despite his power, Gregory longed to have back his human abilities.

He leaped fty feet down to the canal. Think about ithe could have broken his back and drowned if hed landed the wrong way in the water. It was what Ivy feared for Tristan. Standing on the canal bank, she had lost sight of him. Everafter Youll never guess why Bryan was up there, Kelsey went on. He was chasing Luke. Dhanya moved over to sit on the marble curb with Ivy.

Did you know he was still on the Cape? I havent seen or heard from Luke since June, Ivy lied. So Lukes now in jail? Dhanya asked Kelsey. Missing in action. Bryans been looking for him. And if he nds him, hell kill him, Ivy thought.

What kind of story had Bryan concocted for the police and Kelsey? Why did Bryan chase Luke? Ivy asked aloud. I thought they were good friends. Not anymore, Kelsey replied. Bryan believes that Luke murdered that girl, the one police said jumped from the bridge a week agoAlice something or other. Alicia Crowley, Ivy thought. Bryan had already framed Luke for Corinnes death. Now he was adding Alicia to the list.

She was close to Luke, Kelsey added. Luke sure likes to knock off his girlfriends. Dhanya shivered. That could have been you, Ivy. Ivy simply shook her head. Her roommates condemned and feared the wrong person. But Bryan had already proven his willingness to kill anyone who learned the dark truth about him. To warn Kelsey and Dhanyaand Beth and Willwould only put them in greater danger.

Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

The way to keep everyone safe from Bryan was for Elizabeth Chandler her to nd the evidence that would place him behind bars, the evidence that would clear Lukes name. Then she and Tristan could be together, and Tristan could nd a way to redeem himself.

If he was still alive. Tristan, where are you? Ivy cried silently, though she knew, alive or not, her fallen angel could no longer hear her heart calling to him. His clothes were wet; the tarp he was lying on was damp and gritty.

The place reeked. Unable to see a thing, he sat up and stretched out his hands. To his right and left, his ngers brushed against something moist and hard, surfaces that felt like rough plastic, walls that slanted away from him. He realized then that he was rocking slightly, and heard a quiet lap-lap. He was entombed in the hull of a boat, at anchor on calm water.

He suddenly remembered the old lobster boat he had swum to, recognizing at least three ingredients of the stench: rotted sh, machine oil, and mildew. He had walked more than forty miles the last two nights, working his way from the Cape Cod Canal to Nauset Harbor, close to where Ivy was staying.

There were no private docks or marinas here; the boats were moored in a bay protected from the Atlantics fury by a long nger of dunes and small islands at the northern end of Nauset Beach.

Everafter Before sunrise Tuesday morning, Tristan had spotted this dilapidated boat among the commercial shing craft and pleasure boats anchored here. Hidden among the trees, he had watched it all day, as the other boats departed then returned through Nauset Inlet, but no one had claimed it.

Everafter, a Kissed By An Angel novel by Elizabeth Chandler

After nightfall, overwhelmed by a need to sleep undisturbed, he had swum out to the boat. Its curved, low-slung sides made it easy to board. The lobster traps piled in the stern were tagged with plastic rings that bore expiration dates from the previous December.

Checking the vessel from stern to bow, Tristan had gured it was more likely that the boat would sink than its owner suddenly show up.

Hed retreated to the wheelhouse, a three-sided shelter with large square windows. When a party had begun on a boat a hundred yards off, he descended to the snug but smelly quarters below. He gured he had slept for several hours and was glad to emerge now into the fresh air of the open deck.

Looking south, he could barely discern the rise of dark land against the starlit sky, the bluffs on which the Seabright perched. He longed to be with Ivy, but he couldnt chance it, not yet.

It had been three weeks since his picture had made page one of the Cape Cod Times, but the stare of a Walmart security guard had been enough to deter him from downloading a new cell phone. His old one and the watch Ivy had given him lay at the bottom of the canal. All he had in his pockets Elizabeth Chandler now was a soggy bankrollfrom Bryan when he was pretending to be Lukes friendand a gold coin with an angel stamped on each side, a gift from Philip.

Catch anything? Tristan swung around, startled. Lacey sat on an upsidedown work bucket, fully materialized. A lobster? A murderer? An angel, he replied, though her angelic purple shimmer was apparent only in the tint of her long dark hair. Dressed in a tank top and ripped leggings, she didnt look like a local, but at least she wasnt wearing one of her theatrical getups.

Both as an angel and a B-movie teen star, Lacey had always enjoyed grabbing the attention of an audience. You werent shing for me, she said. I havent heard a syllable from you, and you know that I cant locate people unless they call to me. You found me anyway, he pointed out. I narrowed it down to two places, hell or here. You landed here, ying like a moth to Ivys ame. Have you seen her? How is she? For you, as dangerous as ever. No, Tristan said rmly. This was why he hadnt called out to Lacey.

Tristan, I was there on the bridge with you and Bryan. They were as loud as the night Gregory fell to his death. Time may be running out. You need to redeem yourself. Tristan gazed at the stars, as if he could read the time off the bright face of heavens clock. Could you tell what the voices were saying? For him, they always began the same way, a low murmuring, overlapping waves of menacing voices, their emotions clearer than their words.

Their words were meant for you. Meaning you couldnt decipher them, he guessed. And you can?

Kissed by an Angel

He nodded. The words were becoming increasingly clear to him. Thats not a good sign! First youre stripped of your angelic powers; now youre hearing the words of demons! But Laceys curiosity got the better of her. What did they say? And when I was up on the bridge, Which way? They kept asking me, Which way? Their way, Lacey said. Gregorys way.

I have to stop him. Hell kill Ivy. Lacey grabbed Tristan by the shoulders. As solid as the angel looked and felt, her grip lacked strength, and he easily pulled away from her. Listen to me, Tristan. Its you who needs protecting. Go to the police. Turn yourself in as Luke. Let them arrest 11 Elizabeth Chandler you and keep you locked up safe.

If Bryan kills you before youve redeemed yourself, youre damned. Youll be in hell forever. When he rescues a beautiful woman, he has to seduce her without losing his heart, and before he turns feral forever.

I refuse to be burned again. A moving and sexy story of an emergency room doctor who is too busy for love.

But when Dr. Lisa Johnson opens her heart, the man she loves becomes the enemy. With her heart and career hanging in the balance, which will she choose? From the ballroom to the emergency room, this fresh romance will keep you turning the pages. With help from her friends, and a lot of Merlot, she takes him down by any means necessary.

Hilarious hiccups and crazy calamities along the way turns her ridiculous plot into unexpected friendships and a chance at real love. And if dreams were real, Elana would have the courage to approach him.

Kissed by an angel ebook

But is his possessive side too much for her to handle? Can he open his home to her and keep his jeans closed? If he has his way. But to the staff at The Golden Mail, Wes is just an ordinary, workaholic editor.