Volume 1 - 10th Edition By Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby. by Dr. Muata Ashby ISBN X 11 $ U.S. C.M. Box Miami Fl. In this long awaited sequel to Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment you will discover the teachings which constituted the epitome. Egyptian Yoga Postures of the thetwestperlnetself.tk - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Read Egyptian Yoga PDF - The Philosophy of Enlightenment by Muata Ashby Sema Institute | 1. EGYPTIAN YOGA: THE PHILOSOPHY OF.

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    Egyptian Yoga Pdf

    Check out the latest books, audio and video presentations on Egyptian Yoga and of Yoga Philosophy and practice in ancient Africa (Ancient Egypt) and also. Florida International University. Dr. Ashby has been an independent researcher and practitioner of Egyptian Yoga, Indian Yoga,. Chinese Yoga, Buddhism and. of Egyptian Yoga, Indian Yoga, Chinese Yoga, Buddhism and mystical psychology as well as Christian Mysticism. He has extensively studied mystical religious.

    Osiris is shown sitting, enthroned in a shrine surmounted by a winged sundisk. The winged sundisk represents Horus Heru , the hawk, the all encompassing all pervading divinity. In this aspect, the green Osiris' mummified form represents neither existence nor non-existence, neither life nor death but that which lies beyond, the Life Force green which vivifies all things. In the realm of Osiris there is only eternal life. Osiris holds the Flail and Crook staffs in his hands symbolizing that he holds the power of leading one to absolute reality Shepherds Crook , and the power to separate the mortal human body from the soul just as the winnowing whip or Flail separates the chaff from seed.

    It is an attitude we can learn through study and knowledge of a science which we can put into practice right here and now. If we do, we will learn how to appreciate our existence every second, every hour, and every day on earth, and beyond. Understanding things as they really are will help us act as we should. This in turn will make us happy. This is why a deep study of the many religions, mystery systems and myths around the world reveals "similarities" in philosophy and symbolism; it is due to the one common source of them all.

    It is our duty to inquire deeply into the nature of that truth since knowing the exact truth is the basis of our well being. The danger of studying the past lies in the "purpose. Surely, truth must be our goal, as nothing else can set us free. The aim of this work is to show and explore a deeper historical background of Yoga and to provide a simplified guide for this discipline.

    Egyptian Yoga Postures of the thetwestperlnetself.tk | Yoga | Asana

    The better the understanding of a given thing, the better one is able to apply and use it. It is not the intention of this author to prove that Egyptian philosophy was the basis of the Judeo-Christian Religion.

    This truth can only be known in one's own heart.

    This truth leads to the highest freedom: Salvation, from a life of misery and the end of the Cycle of Birth and Death. Egyptian Yoga Yoga means "Union". The four hieroglyphic symbols used on the front cover of this book represent the four words in Egyptian Philosophy which mean"YOGA". They are:"Nefer","Sema","Ankh" and"Hetep". A more detailed examination of these symbols may be found in Chapter Seven: Symbols. Smai means union and the following determinative terms give it a spiritual significance, at once equating it with the term Yoga as it is used in India..

    The Egyptian language and symbols provide the first "historical" record of Yoga Philosophy and Religious literature. The Indian culture of the Indus Valley Dravidians and Harappans appear to have carried it on and expanded much of the intellectual expositions in the form of the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Tantras, the ancient spiritual texts of India.

    Ancient Egyptian scriptures show that the Egyptians understood the singularity of that which is called "GOD" and further, understood the timeless, formless, space-less, sexless nature of GOD from which time, form, space, and sex duality come. Thus, a nameless "Supreme Being", "Neter Neteru", "GOD of Gods", was referred to as "The Hidden One" until later times when myths were constructed for the understanding of the common people and immature souls humans with lesser number of incarnations. The Creator is viewed as both female and male until creation is created, at which time creation becomes the female receiving principle and GOD, the mover-vivifier, becomes the male giving principle.

    From an advanced point of view however, GOD is neither male nor female, but GOD is the source from which the Gods Neters , humans and all creation comes. Therefore, the concept of "NETER", as will be seen in the following chapters, encompasses a concept that goes beyond ordinary human - mental understanding. Mythology and Philosophy Mythology and philosophy are ways to explain that which is difficult to explain in words, that which goes beyond the ordinary reasoning faculties of the average mind.

    Mythology and philosophy carry rich symbolism and wisdom within but the wisdom from mythology should not be understood as a story of an event which may have occurred "a long time ago, in the beginning" but as something that relates an idea, a theme that was true in the beginning, is true now and will always be true. The value of ancient teachings lies in the application of their truths. What can we learn and benefit from Ancient Mystical Philosophy right now?

    Ancient civilizations have proven by their demise that they did not have or were unable to apply all of the truth, otherwise, they would be with us today. Therefore, it is wise to study them, and to benefit from their wisdom gained through their successes and their mistakes.

    In this task we are sometimes required to "unlearn what we have learned" in order to grow in wisdom and consciousness.

    What does ancient wisdom and history mean in our lives at this date in time and history? What can we learn from civilizations that lasted for thousands of years Ethiopia and Egypt whose recorded history only chronicles the decline period and only hints at the grandeur that it once was? Should we attempt to recreate this long period in human history or should we perhaps consider using the example of their deeds to build something new, original and more divine?

    Whichever road we choose, the scriptures, texts and ancient papyri are not enough, but they are a possible first step in understanding the mysteries of life and living. The Veil of Ignorance As stated in the ancient Egyptian text, "The Book of Coming Forth by Day", the eternal soul comes to earth to learn certain lessons and to become purified.

    In the process of evolution, virtues as wel as vices are experienced by us based on our own mental disposition. Our purity of heart determines the situations and outcomes of those situations.

    Through repeated embodiments reincarnation , we are lead by our own soul to experience the act of living, attempting all the time to find that Ultimate-Absolute Bliss which will eliminate all pain. If we knew the truth, we would become enlightened Sages and Saints, thereby achieving ultimate freedom. This point is the main theme of Egyptian Yoga and will be elaborated on throughout this volume. When the spirit, our innermost self, is ready to make the final "journey home", back to its source, GOD, it begins to inquire about the nature of its existence and thereby causes pressure on the mind, namely the ego-personality.

    Our BA, our individual GOD consciousness, begins to apply subtle pressure on our waking consciousness in the form of subtle suggestions. We begin to recognize the wisdom of ancient scriptures and develop an interest in books such as this one.

    Becoming in tune with the pressure of the spirit is allowing ourselves to be guided by our intuition and the letting go of ideas and thoughts which we know to be untrue or fruitless.

    Mental purification requires the utmost patience with ourselves. Interest in the world as an Absolute reality the notion there is nothing else beyond "this" physical reality is left behind gradually and new psychological impressions and experiences are introduced until we become established in this "other" reality.

    At this point, we wake up from the consciousness we have been used to as if waking up from a dream. This is attaining "Horushood", "Christhood", or becoming "Buddha" or "Krishna. This is selfmastery, cosmic consciousness, liberation, enlightenment, salvation, etc. Dispassion and detachment are indispensable sciences to be practiced once an understanding of the teachings has begun to take root in our hearts.

    Neither loving nor hating, neither wanting nor not wanting.

    All actions should be based on and guided by MAAT truth, justice, righteousness, balance. No longer is there an action - reaction mentality of doing something to someone because someone did something to you, etc. One is more and more able to control one's emotions and behavior. No longer will it be necessary to act as an animal or to indulge in one's ego when one is ridiculed or praised.

    One will live above these ignorant concepts praise or ridicule. One will live with one's divine essence and truth. One will recognize the ignorance of others and will be strong enough to exercise compassion and understanding for them.

    From this position, it will be possible to do the greatest good for others. Thus, a true transformation occurs.

    In ancient Egyptian mythology, the scarab is the symbol of transformation, from mortal to spiritual consciousness. This is the nurturing of baby Horus the divine soul by mother ISIS life giving force, love, foundation, nourishing support in secret hiding until he was old enough to do battle with his Uncle Set greed, ignorance.

    As a baby tree is fenced off to protect it, so too we must protect ourselves during the process of spiritual growth by limiting contact with negative people or circumstances and keeping company with people of raised consciousness enlightened Sages preferably. Although one may focus on any one yogic path, one will find that aspects of the others are always involved.

    The essence of the journey is a personal search. A dynamic balance of the opposites within one's own consciousness must be sought. Ultimately, all paths are transcended. Ancient Egypt The oral history suggests that the Pyramids may date from the time of the Sphinx 10,, B. Many western archaeologists promote the idea that the pyramids were used as burial tombs although at no time in history has there been evidence to suggest that mummies were found in any of them.

    Thus, most of us are unable to get a true and accurate picture of history. Egyptian Yoga, as it was presented to the masses of the Egyptian population, involved two major areas. First, the country as a whole was seen by outside observers such as Herodotus and Plutarch unanimously as "The most religious of all the Lands.

    The psychological makeup of every individual was tuned to "The Neters" cosmic forces both within and out of the body. An afterlife existence was an unquestionable fact, whereas modern day students need to "convince themselves" through the elaborate system of Yoga discipline presented here and elsewhere.

    As previously discussed, there are two basic paths to spiritual evolution: The Path of Passion nature and the Direct Path. The path of passion requires many incarnations, births and deaths, and many painful and happy life experiences. The direct path is the path of Yoga.

    Through the science of Yoga Ancient Mysteries , one is able to accelerate one's evolution towards perfection. For those who chose the direct path, the Temples were a training center, university, hospital and refuge.

    The world is not wholly intellectual, therefore not all answers are intellectual. At some point, it is necessary to use one's "gut feelings", one's higher intuitive nature, to "feel" the truth and not be afraid to discard an old truth in favor of a new one.

    Contraction in our consciousness as opposed to expansion, represents ignorance, tension, and dis-ease mental and physical. Recent linguistic and archeological evidence is compelling but the information that comes to us from contemporary historians is inescapable. World History In Cosmic Infinity Modern physics has proven through the theory of relativity that time is a relative factor, a mental concept, an idea which we have created in order to help us understand the changes that seem to be occurring around us in a sequential fashion.

    Time is a mental idea which exists to the extent that we adhere to and believe in it. As such, the ancients speak of several "time periods", eons, etc. The earth, being a changing, dynamic, living entity is said to have undergone and up to this day continues to undergo various changes in its surface appearance due to volcanic and other normal weather patterns.

    The ancient writings speak of civilizations which far surpassed that of the present day with respect to technology and human achievement. Further, it is stated that several high cultures have existed in the past in a cycle of growth which lead to their ultimate demise. One such civilization was that of Atlantis. There existed an imbalance between their spiritual maturity and their technological-mental advancement.

    In the year B. Atlantians were said to be capable of levitating large stones, weighing many tons, with the use of their mental powers, the same kind of power necessary to create the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx of Egypt and the City of Machu Pichu in Peru. Therefore, many ages have seen various high cultures.

    It is interesting to note that the decline of all intellectually advanced civilizations has been related to the loss of balance between intellectualmental advancement and that of the spiritual-moral nature.

    It is evident from the writings of the Egyptian high priest Manetho B. This date is supported by Herodotus, a famous ancient Greek historian and other Greek and Roman writers of the time. Kamitan Terms and Ancient Greek Terms It is important to understand that the names of the Ancient Egyptian divinities which have been used widely in Western literature and by Western scholars are actually Greek interpretations of the Kamitan Ancient Egyptian names.

    The table below provides a listing of the corresponding names of the main Kamitan divinities.

    What is Egyptian Yoga?

    For they do not call Hermes "Dog" as a proper name, but they associate the watching and waking from sleep of the animal who by Knowing and not Knowing determines friend from foe with the most Logos-like of the Gods.

    And the Indian tribes I have mentioned, their skins are all of the same colour, much like the Ethiopians Shetaut Neter means the Hidden Divinity. It is the ancient philosophy and mythic spiritual culture that gave rise to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Those who follow the spiritual path of Shetaut Neter are therefore referred to as Neterians. The fundamental principles common to all denominations of Ancient Egyptian Religion may be summed up in four Great Truths that are common to all the traditions of Ancient Egyptian Religion.

    Neberdjer means all-encompassing divinity, the all-inclusive, all-embracing Spirit which pervades all and who is the ultimate essence of all. This first truth unifies all the expressions of Kamitan religion.

    When a human being acts in ways that contradict the natural order of nature, negative qualities of the mind will develop within that persons personality. These are the afflictions of Set. Set is the neteru of egoism and selfishness. The afflictions of Set include: anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, gluttony, dishonesty, hypocrisy, etc.

    So to be free from the fetters of set one must be free from the afflictions of Set.

    Being devoted to the Divine means living by Maat. Maat is a way of life that is purifying to the heart and beneficial for society as it promotes virtue and order. Living by Maat means practicing Shedy spiritual practices and disciplines. Uashu means devotion and the classic pose of adoring the Divine is called Dua, standing or sitting with upraised hands facing outwards towards the image of the divinity.

    This is called being True of Speech. Doing Shedy means to study profoundly, to penetrate the mysteries Shetaut and discover the nature of the Divine. There have been several practices designed by the sages of Ancient Kamit to facilitate the process of self-knowledge.

    These are the religious Shetaut traditions and the Sema Smai Tawi yogic disciplines related to them that augment the spiritual practices. All the traditions relate the teachings of the sages by means of myths related to particular gods or goddesses. It is understood that all of these neteru are related, like brothers and sisters, having all emanated from the same source, the same Supremely Divine parent, who is neither male nor female, but encompasses the totality of the two.

    When the human being is in harmony with life, then it is possible to reflect and meditate upon the human condition and realize the limitations of worldly pursuits. Spiritual Enlightenment is the awakening of a human being to the awareness of the Transcendental essence which binds the universe and which is eternal and immutable.

    In this discovery is also the sobering and ecstatic realization that the human being is one with that Transcendental essence. With this realization comes great joy, peace and power to experience the fullness of life and to realize the purpose of life during the time on earth.

    The lotus is a symbol of Shetaut Neter, meaning the turning towards the light of truth, peace and transcendental harmony. Shetaut Neter We have established that the Ancient Egyptians were African peoples who lived in the north-eastern quadrant of the continent of Africa.

    They were descendants of the Nubians, who had themselves originated from farther south into the heart of Africa at the Great Lakes region, the sources of the Nile River. They created a vast civilization and culture earlier than any other society in known history and organized a nation that was based on the concepts of balance and order as well as spiritual enlightenment.

    They developed spiritual systems that were designed to allow human beings to understand the nature of this secret being who is the essence of all Creation. They called this spiritual system Shtaut Ntr Shetaut Neter.

    Kemetic Yoga: Resurrection of an African Legacy

    Shetautmeans secret. Neter means Divinity. Who is Neter in Kamitan Religion? However, the term survives in the Coptic language as Nutar.

    The same Coptic meaning divine force or sustaining power applies in the present as it did in ancient times. It is a symbol composed of a wooden staff that was wrapped with strips of fabric, like a mummy. The strips alternate in color with yellow, green and blue. The mummy in Kamitan spirituality is understood to be the dead but resurrected Divinity. All rights reserved. Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment. By Muata Ashby.

    Book Publishing Publication date: June download PDF. List price:. An original, fully illustrated work, including hieroglyphs, detailing the meaning of the Egyptian mysteries, tantric yoga, psycho-spiritual and physical exercises.

    Egyptian Yoga is a guide to the practice of the highest spiritual philosophy which leads to absolute freedom from human misery and to immortality. It is well known by scholars that Egyptian philosophy is the basis of Western and Middle Eastern religious philosophies such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, the Kabala, and Greek philosophy, but what about Indian philosophy, Yoga and Taoism? What were the original teachings?


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